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Amfibija d.o.o is the global leader in sales of used shipping containers, refrigerated containers, open-top containers, flat-racks, container chassis, IMO tanks and other special equipment.

We sell and lease containers from world's most famous shipping agencies and manufacturers like MAERSK, EVERGREEN, HANJIN, CMA CGM, HAPAG LOYD, TAL, TEXTAINER, MSC, FLEXI VAN, and etc.

Our containers are available in all the mediterranean ports and countries like Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia but we also offer delivery to other countries such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, and etc.

Our prices differ in terms of year of production, procurement costs and general condition of the container itself. All of the containers have to meet the quality criteria so they can be in wind water tight (wwt) or cargo worthy (CW) condition.

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USED Container SALES:
20ft standard DB container
Price: EUR 1150 > 1500 (+ VAT)

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novoslika5   novoslika6

40ft standard or DB container
Price: EUR 1650 > 1950 (+ Vat)

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novoslika9   novoslika10

40ft HC container
Price: EUR 1850>2150 (+ Vat)

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novaslika11d   novaslika11e    

Other equipments: price and availability on request...



Amfibija d.o.o. is a professional , freight forwarder and licensed customs broker with worldwide network coverage across the continents. Our mission is to provide the best cost, safety, speed, reliability and responsiveness. With more than 20 years of professional experience, we pride ourselves on being a solutions-based organization and take time to understand each customer's individual business needs.

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