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Amfibija d.o.o. is International Shipping and freight Agency Ltd, and Container's Trader with all types of NEW and USED equipmenty conncted with transport and storage purposes. Amfibija doo is a small company but has been a leader in the field of international shipping since 2000., especially ini n transport of Personal effects & household goods from United States to Croatia, B&H , Serbia , Slovenia and other nearby countries, Export of wines from Croatia to United States and Hong Kong, Import and transit of Tiles and sanitary equipments from China to Croatia, Serbia, B&H and other states. Main goal is forwarding and international overseas & land transport service and Supply all customers with new and USED containers for transport and storage purposes.

Over 15-year time was used to establish strong economic ties with our customers and foreign partner sin USA, China, West Africa as well in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary, Italy, Austria…end other states. As a company we offer you Reliable container' prices and logistics services that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive rates.

Shortly our services are:

  • Container's SALES and Leasing,
  • Cargo and Logistcs transport activities of your cargo related to Organizing loading, discharging, storage, insurance, controln loco drayage and others..,
  • Intermodal and Container transport based on world's ports / warehouses / doors delivery,
  • Forwarding , customs clearance, warehousing , local distribution by truck, rail any kind of transport's modes
  • Project cargo and Transport of „oversize“ cargo as boats, Yachts, big trucks and others,
  • Chartering of bulk, breakbulk and liquid cargoes

Our moto was and is still going on for all our customers, partners and friend:


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Amfibija d.o.o. is a professional , freight forwarder and licensed customs broker with worldwide network coverage across the continents. Our mission is to provide the best cost, safety, speed, reliability and responsiveness. With more than 20 years of professional experience, we pride ourselves on being a solutions-based organization and take time to understand each customer's individual business needs.

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