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Our business consists of two main activities:

1. Sale and leasing (new and used shipping containers)

Amfibija Ltd.specializes in sales of second hand and new shipping and storage containers. We supply all types, sizes and quantities of used and new ocean cargo containers for continuous service, one-way shipping or for static ground storage. Container depots are located at all primary port locations in Adriatic ports and around the Europe as well as in many interior areas within Balkan's States. More details under: Sale and leasing-link

2. Export – Import; Transport; Logistics and container services

Sea freight transport

If you have imported a shipment of any goods to / from China, Korea, Japan, or any of the ports of the United States to the Adriatic ports (Rijeka, Ploce, Bar, Koper, Trieste ....), send your inquiry and give us a call.

If you export or transit shipment from the Croatia, Slovenia or any of the EU states as well as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and etc., send your inquiry and give us a call.

You will get the best possible prices and low costs by 20 / 40ft containers based on „FCL“(full container load) or „LCL“ (less container load) or any other oversized cargo. With the use of advanced monitoring of containers and goods, we inform our customers about the status of goods throughout the transportation

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Transport and logistic services

We provide logistics services in the intermodal chain whether it is a maritime or land transport as well as the distribution and storage of all types of goods.

Our company has been able through all these years of experience in the industry and transport, to create a network of collaborators throughout Europe and the world with its own logistics centers that can provide a fast, safe and cheap service. We are authorized, insured and licensed transport and logistics services, which over the years has not only gained a credible reputation in the market, but was also able to win the hearts of hundreds of our clients, both local and international.

This is a mutual benefit with whom our logistics service works and our goal is to provide our customers and partners a service in the industry.

We offer shipping and delivery of container shipments by truck , rail and other forms of land for transport.

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The agency, customs and brokerage services

Services of land transport, warehousing and freight forwarding along with other ancillary services, helps us to provide tailor-made optimum logistics solutions for all our customers and partners.

Our goal is to reduce costs and increase business efficiency to allow clients to use the services of Amfibija d.o.o. when, paying optimal, and in the industry lowest cost in transportation, logistics, customs clearance and freight forwarding.

We work services maritime agent , chartering ( rental , lease ) and purchasing / sales of used boats and equipment.

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Transportation of boats, yachts and other oversized cargo

If you have a boat, yacht or any oversized cargo (can not fit into the container) in the United States, China, Dubai or some other part of the world and want it to be transported to Croatia or neighboring EU countries, please contact us.

We will find the optimal logistics route with the lowest cost of delivery to the port of Rijeka, Koper, Trieste, and etc. With our partners, you will get the best price per ton or cubic meter with fast and safe delivery.

We have experience with transporting boats up to 30 m in length , particularly from the United States , Dubai and China.

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Other services

We provide warehousing and distribution of goods, individual, and over-sized packet. We are specialist for transport (LCL shipments) by truck, boat and plane. Especially we have good prices and tariffs for transportation and distribution in the United States and China.



Amfibija d.o.o. is a professional , freight forwarder and licensed customs broker with worldwide network coverage across the continents. Our mission is to provide the best cost, safety, speed, reliability and responsiveness. With more than 20 years of professional experience, we pride ourselves on being a solutions-based organization and take time to understand each customer's individual business needs.

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